Created by Camille Bourdarias and Quentin Boyer Di Bernardo in 2018, CVM·ILLE is a Parisian brand of genderless, sustainable and vegan jewellery. From antique inspiration, and on the border between craft object and fashion accessory, these are original, conscious and quality pieces made entirely by hand in Paris for all.

The brand really wants to create in genders binary liberation, and work in local short circuit, with qualified craftsmen and craftswomen, in a conception and a consumption approach responsible and respectful of the environment, the human beings and the animals.


The jewels are entirely handmade, in the workshop in Paris, in collaboration with two jeweler craftswomen, a founder and a gilder. The latter is labeled “EPV” (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), the only distinction of the French State associated with the recognition of exceptional know-how within French companies of excellence.
The first sketches are made by hand, the models and prototypes are designed with plaster and, since CVM·ILLE uses in particular the antique technique of the lost-wax cast, vegan wax. The final pieces are then casted in recycled brass, gold or silver from scrap production (manufacturers, workshops, jewelers …) transformed into a closed circuit, then gilded or plated with 24-carat gold also from recycling.

In partnership with an innovative local start-up specialized in the recovery of pollutants and metals contained in industrial effluents, the electroplating workshop is equipped with a new generation of patented fibers for the depollution of water, air as well as for the easy recycling of metals, as part of a sustainable economy approach, respectful of resources and in accordance with the concept of “Factory of the future”.

In addition, these regenerable sorbent materials allow to go beyond the respect of the most stringent standards in force for the discharge of industrial wastewater, and to be in compliance with the future European and World regulations of Zero Liquid Rejection.

The creative offices, now based in Antwerp, are supplied by electricity from renewable sources; the shootings are inclusive, cruelty free (makeup, hairstyle, outfits …) and made only from second-hand elements in a zero waste approach. The packaging is sewn in raw linen, fiber with many ecological benefits, and the brand works exclusively with vegetable inks and recycled paper.


Periodically, for each jewel of the MARIVS collection purchased, three free  purchase / support prices will be proposed. The free price as a method of setting the price by the buyer is a fairer way to pay according to his means, his consumption and his support to the brand.
The first prize offered will cover the cost of production of the jewel only.
The second prize will include not only the production price of the jewel, but also some additional additional production costs (packaging, shootings, website, newsletter).
Finally, the third prize will include all these costs of production but also the financing of points of sale for the brand, and the development of new projects.

We also accept Bitcoin payments.


Association Sanctuaire Les luttes à lier - CUM·ILLE Jewellery, bijoux non-genrés, durables et végans
Association Sanctuaire Les Luttes à Lier – CVM·ILLE jewellery, bijoux non-genrés, durables et véganes

In addition, for each jewel purchased, 2% of the sale price is donated to the Association Les Luttes à Lier for the creation of the First Animal Sanctuary (Vegan & Antispecist) in the Paris region, a place of non-oppressive life for animals from other species saved from a life of abuse, breeding, or slaughter.